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Support your hybrid working teams with the duty of care that they require and deserve. Providing workspace solutions is just one part of the responsibility that you have to facilitate working in line with health and safety laws.

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Display Screen Equipment (DSE) is a vital part of your team's daily life. Whether you are hybrid working or place solely in the office, ensuring that your setups align with health and safety standards helps you to maintain strong teams. 

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About DSE workstation risk assessments


What is DSE?

DSE stands for Display Screen Equipment and is referring to devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The term has seen an expansion to the requirements that it needs to cover through the pandemic with many hybrid workers no longer purely relying on laptops and desktop screens. 

Any screen that is displaying content to users has a legal requirement to be health and safety compliant within the workplace. 

Why does my business need DSE Assessments?

1. To professionalise hybrid working for all

DSE hse workstation assessments can form the basis of an employer's plan to create and deliver a successful hybrid working strategy. Providing workspaces that are health and safety compliant allows you to future-proof operations.

2. Improve employee wellbeing

Investing in compliant and safe setups will reduce the chance of your employees suffering from physical wellbeing issues. These events can end up costing your business financially and, in the worst scenario, mean losing a valuable member of the team.

3. You are required to do so by law 

If your employee uses a laptop or PC for more than an hour a day, it is law that you complete a DSE workstation assessment under the Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment regulations. If you have five or more employees, you are also required to document this.

4. To get the best ROI from your workspace investment

Deploying professional solutions will only elevate your business to its full potential if the user experience is optimised. To make the most out of your investments, DSE workstation risk assessments ensure the proper usage of all assets at all times.

What physical products does the workstation assessment cover?

What does the session involve?

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