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 Home Office

For many people, working remotely was a temporary measure that has since become the norm. This means that our homes are now doubling up as our working environments, with many additional requirements.

Dedicated home offices come in all shapes and sizes so whether you are making the most of a box room or have the luxury of a large area, within our solutions you will find the perfect workspace for you.

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1. Professionalising home working

Elevating performance is achievable for everyone when you have the right tools in place. Setting up an entire home office can be an overwhelming task which is why we have done the hard part for you. Whether you are looking for a small compact solution, or an executive setup perfect for international trading, you can shop a complete solution easily with us. 

Our Home Office Workspaces allow:

1.  Technology to be optimised for not just virtual meetings but also team sessions and breakouts thanks to our range of  headsets cameras , and  video screens .

2.  Premium, office-standard ergonomic  furniture  to be installed into your own home for ultimate comfort and performance.

3.  Better wellbeing and productivity levels thanks to our personal development and high-value content platform,  Rise .

2. Remote meetings, raised. 

Working at home does not have to mean sub-standard set-ups. One of the keys to our collaboration-enabling workspaces is the emphasis we put on premium technology. 

All-in-One Video Conferencing Unit

This beautifully sleek housing unit offers a modern way for home office conferencing to be elevated. Allowing you to move to a different space within your room for sessions that require some extra attention, the  psychological benefits match those of being able to move around when in the office.   
Available as part of our Elite Complete Bundle and the Executive+ Complete Bundle

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Noise Cancelling Headsets

Perfect for eliminating unwanted sounds and improving the quality of your own audio, our range of headsets can be used anywhere for an immersive experience. The beauty of these transformative assets means that teams can be connected and client meetings carried out no matter what external influences are thrown into the equation.

 Available as part of our Complete Home Workspace Bundles or as an individual product.

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Detail-Capturing Cameras

Inbuilt cameras don't always provide the best quality. When we are working remotely, contending with fluctuating lighting and differing broadband speeds, you need a premium camera that can capture you at your best. Simplicity is one of the themes within our collections so our solutions can all just be plugged in and used.   
 Available as part of our Complete Home Workspace Bundles or as an individual product.

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3. Why Workspaces-as-a-Service?

We believe that everybody deserves the chance to experience next-level working, no matter if they are based remotely or in an office. 
When designing your home office, we make it easy for you to cover all based for an affordable price. 
With all assets available from one supplier, our as-a-service solution gives you the best value for your money. 

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4. Complete all-in-one bundles

 Whether you need a complete workspace or an individual product, 
our portfolio brings together the elite in-home working for your easy decision making.

Ergonomic Furniture
Desks, chairs and more in a choice of colours and styles are all designed to suit a range of settings. 
Premium Technology
Handpicked solutions from the best brands. We only provide assets that professionalise remote working. 
Well-being Support
Allowing you to thrive within work and life, our supportive content platform covers a range of topics.
Full Lifecyle Support
Delivery, Installation, Configuration, and Warranty Support all available for one inclusive cost.
Charitable Donation
Made in your name, you will be helping a very worthy cause by choosing one of our workspaces bundles.
Asset Management
Simple to use platform that allows you to view and manage all of your products and raise tickets when needed. 

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