Personal Workspaces Guide:

Garden Buildings

Has your family outgrown its home since the start of the pandemic? 

With more people now working remotely, garden buildings are a popular and cost effective method of extending usable space, without loosing a room. They also allow a separation between work and home as even a short walk down the garden path is enough time to breathe in some fresh air and refresh the mind. 

Shop now or explore more below to find out how you can create an optimised workspace within a sleek garden building.

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1. Design matters

Your home office is something you will rely on heavily and have for years to come so you will want quality furniture which stands the test of time. No longer do you have to compromise between style or performance, our premium quality products meet both.

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2. Professional working guaranteed

If you are working outside the home in a chic garden space, you can easily incorporate professionalism with our balance of stylish furniture, premium technology, and supportive services

Kit out your Garden Workspace in Moments.

Whether you are looking for complete all-in-one bundles that take the stress out of shopping around for items, or, are looking for individual products to finish an existing garden set up, at Podia, we offer it all.

Whatever size garden room you have to fill, we have solutions starting from just 80cm wide, all the way up to 180cm wide.

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3. Setting up your garden workspace

The Space

If you already have an established garden building, it is key that you assess its suitability for working. Factors such as lighting, electricity, insulation, and WIFI reach should all be considered. 

However, if you have come to the realisation that your home is not big enough for your remote working needs then looking to invest in a garden structure may be the best decision for you.


As one of our affiliate partners,  Slope Spaces  shares the Podia ethos when it comes to making the most out of your home.
Slope Space rooms either meet or exceed all areas of building regulations meaning that no formal applications or inspections are required. 
The "Big Brother" room measures 3600mm x 2400mm making it perfect for either multiple users or large executive bundles such as the  Elite .
If you are slightly more limited on space or just looking for something more compact, the "Little Sister" room is ideal for you and measures 2400mm x 2400mm. Bundles such as our  Micro or  Essentials   would suit this space perfectly.

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The Configuration

Whilst garden workspaces offer a brilliant chance to escape the home and work somewhere different, contending with light, sound, and space restrictions mean that there is an art to getting your workspace just right.

Ideal Lighting

Lighting can be hard to get right in a room with so many windows. Position your desk so that light sources come in from the front or side. If you have the light directly behind you, you'll become silhouetted on video calls.

Distracting Noise

Surrounding noise from wildlife or neighbours can be a challenge, especially if you have your windows or doors open in the summer to keep cool. Use noise-cancelling headsets to keep calls private and uninterrupted.  

Professional Image

Ensure that your background is video conferencing ready at all times. After all, it's a garden room and not a garden shed! Try incorporating some nice prints, house plants, or simply use a neutral wall for a professional image.

Optimum Acoustics

Garden rooms can sometimes have bad acoustics with an echo or ringing sound, due to the sound bouncing off the glass doors and solid walls. You can combat this with adding soft furnishings, canvases, or even professional acoustic panels.

4. Wellbeing assured


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 Whether you are a sole trader or part of a larger team, we believe that everybody would benefit from having access to high-value wellbeing content.

If you want to see how supportive content has the power to elevate every aspect of your life, why not try Rise for free now.

Garden workspaces do not just offer you somewhere different to work. They also benefit your mental and physical health as they offer you a chance to bring some of the benefits of outdoor life into your everyday routines. 

Our Rise platform, which is available with all workspaces-as-a-service, further enhances your well-being by offering you advice and information about aspects that will not just benefit your professional life but also your personal one.


5. Complete all-in-one bundles

 Whether you need a complete workspace or an individual product, 
our portfolio brings together the elite in-home working for your easy decision making.

Ergonomic Furniture
Desks, chairs and more in a choice of colours and styles are all designed to suit a range of settings. 
Premium Technology
Handpicked solutions from the best brands. We only provide assets that professionalise remote working. 
Well-being Support
Allowing you to thrive within work and life, our supportive content platform covers a range of topics.
Full Lifecyle Support
Delivery, Installation, Configuration, and Warranty Support all available for one inclusive cost.
Charitable Donation
Made in your name, you will be helping a very worthy cause by choosing one of our workspaces bundles.
Asset Management
Simple to use platform that allows you to view and manage all of your products and raise tickets when needed. 

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