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1. Date Code

How to locate the Voyager Focus UC date code location

The date code for the Voyager Focus UC headset can be located in two different places. On the inside part of the headband. The two-character date code consists of a letter and number (e.g., A7).

Or on the inside part of the speaker by the word Plantronics.

2. Mobile Pairing

How to pair the Voyager Focus UC headset to a mobile device

To put your headset in pair mode, press and hold the power button towards the Bluetooth icon until you hear "pairing" and the headset LEDs flash red and blue. 

Activate Bluetooth on your phone and set it to search for new devices.

  • iPhone Settings > Bluetooth > On*

  • Android Settings > Bluetooth: On > Scan for devices*

NOTE *Menus may vary by device.

  • Select “PLT_Focus.” If necessary, enter four zeros (0000) for the passcode or accept the connection. Once successfully paired, you hear “pairing successful” and the headset LEDs stop flashing.

NOTE Your headset can pair with up to 8 devices but only maintain 2 connections simultaneously; this includes the Bluetooth USB adapter.

3. BT600 Adapter 

How to pair and use the Voyager Focus UC headset with the BT600 adapter

Pairing to the USB Adapter

First time Pairing

Your Bluetooth USB adapter comes pre-paired to your headset.

  • Insert the Bluetooth USB adapter into your laptop or PC.

  • Pairing is successful when you hear “pairing successful” and the USB adapter LED is solid blue.

  • Some softphones require the installation of Plantronics Hub for Windows and Mac ( to enable headset control (answer/end and mute) functionality.

NOTE Plantronics Hub software also allows you to customize your headset's behaviour through advanced settings and options

Second-time Pairing

  • Insert the high-fidelity Bluetooth USB adapter into your laptop or computer and wait for your computer to recognize it.

  • Put your headphones in pair mode.

  • Put your Bluetooth USB adapter into pair mode by gently pressing and holding the pair button with a pen or paperclip until the Bluetooth USB adapter flashes red and blue.

Pairing is successful when you hear "pairing successful" and the Bluetooth USB adapter LED is solid blue. 


Configuring the USB Adapter

Your high-fidelity Bluetooth USB adapter comes ready to take calls. If you want to listen to music, you will need to configure your Bluetooth USB adapter. 


  • To configure your Bluetooth USB adapter to play music, go to Start menu > Control Panel > Sound > Playback tab. Select Plantronics BT600, set it as the Default Device and click OK.

  • To pause music when you place or receive calls, go to Start menu > Control Panel > Sound > Communications tab and select the desired parameter.


  • To configure the Bluetooth USB adapter, go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Sound.

  • On both the Input and Output tabs, select Plantronics BT600.

How to enable / disable wideband audio from the Voyager Focus UC headset

To enable or disable wideband audio directly from the headset, press and hold the Mute button until "Wideband stereo off/on" is heard in the headset.

4. Mute Notifications

How to turn off Windows system tray mute notifications for the Voyager Focus UC headset

The Voyager Focus UC has two types of Windows System Tray/Notification Area pop-ups for mute features: the mute on/off alert and the mute reminder. This article provides instructions for turning off both.

TIP: The mute on/off alert notifies you when you mute and unmute a call. The mute reminder notifies you if you've started talking while the call is on mute.

To Turn Off the Mute Reminder System Tray Notification:

  • Open Plantronics Hub.

  • Click the Settings button in the upper right corner of the screen, and then click General.

  • From the Mute Reminder drop-down list, choose either Audible Reminder if you want to hear the reminder whispered in your headset or Off if you want no reminders at all.

  • Click the Apply button.

To Turn Off the Mute On/Off Alert System Tray Notification:

  • In the System Tray/Notification Area, click the Show hidden icons button, and then click Customize.

  • From the Plantronics Software drop-down list, choose Hide icon and notifications. NOTE: Choosing this option will turn off all notifications from Plantronics Hub, including for mute reminders, as well as software and firmware updates.

  • Click the OK button.

5. Audio Not Routing

Transmit / Receive audio is not routing to the headset.

Sometimes when I use the Voyager Focus UC with my PC, audio comes out of the PC speakers rather than routing to the headset from the BT600 adapter as it should. Also, sometimes I can hear audio in the headset, but the PC microphone picks up my voice rather than the headset. How can I fix this?

This issue can occur if the user attempts to listen to music through the web browser or make a call via WebEx or a softphone other than Microsoft Lync or Skype for Business (all Plantronics UC products work seamlessly with Skype for Business and Microsoft Lync, so this issue should not occur on those calls). To fix this issue, users will need to go into the Sound settings on the PC to verify that the BT600 is set as the default device for both playback and recording audio.


In order to ensure audio is routing correctly to the Voyager Focus UC:

  • Open up the “Sound” tab by right-clicking on it in the system icon tray and selecting “Sounds”.

  • In the “Playback” tab, select BT600 and right-click to set it as the default device. Do the same on the “Recording” tab then hit “Ok” or “Apply”

Note: One way to ensure that the Windows speakers and mic do not take over the audio is to right-click on those devices and click "disable". This removes the possibility of audio routing back to the speakers.  However, the speakers will need to be re-enabled when it is desired to play music through the PC speakers again.

6. Media Unmuting

Media unmutes during a call.

When I am listening to music streaming from the internet and receive a phone call the music initially mutes but then restarts after two minutes while I am still in the call.  How can I stop this?

The problem is unique to Microsoft Internet Explorer.  It does not occur with Chrome or Firefox browser. Plantronics engineering is investigating possible solutions, but the root cause is in the interaction between Internet Explorer and Windows Sounds controls.  As a workaround remember to pause your streaming content during calls or try using a different browser.


Additional information:

Windows Sounds Control Panel has settings to manage media playback during phone calls.  The settings are at Control Panel > Sounds > Communications.  The controls provide several options (see image below).  The problem occurs when the option “Mute all other sounds” is selected.  This feature does not work correctly when streaming on Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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