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1. System Reset

How to reset the system settings

You can reset your system to its default configuration settings. You may need to perform a system reset for a variety of reasons, for example, when moving a device to a new location.

Resetting your system deletes all but the following data:

  • Current software version

  • User-installed PKI certificates

  • Logs

You also can choose not to retain some of this data after the system resets.

Note: A system reset restores your system to its original mode of operation (for example, Poly Video Mode or Poly Partner Mode).


  • In the system web interface, go to Diagnostics > System Reset.

  • Select Reset All System Configurations.

  • Optional: Clear any of the following check boxes for data you want to delete as part of the reset:

  • Keep installed certificates.

  • Keep the system logs.

  • Select Reset.

2. Factory Reset

How to factory reset the Poly Studio X30

A factory restore completely erases the system’s flash memory and restores it to a stable software version.  The system doesn't save the following data with a factory restore:

  • Current software version

  • Logs

  • User-installed PKI certificates

  • Local directory entries

  • Call detail record (CDR)


  • Disconnect the power supply to turn off the system.

  • On the bottom of the Studio X30, insert a straightened paper clip through the factory restore pinhole

  • While continuing to hold the restore button, reconnect the power supply to turn the system on.

  • When the system LED indicator light turns amber, stop pressing the restore button.

You can only view the restore progress on a display connected to the secondary monitor

HDMI output port.

Note: You cant view the restore progress for a Studio X30 system because it doesn't support a secondary monitor connection.


3. Lighting Conditions

Lighting conditions in the environment are impacting picture quality

When using the system in a personal environment, where lighting may not be optimal, the picture quality is impacted. When the room lighting is lower than 200 lux, you may see video noise in the video sent from Studio X50 or Studio X30 systems.


The default video input settings are tuned for well-lit office environments.


Adjust the camera settings in the system web interface. Each environment differs; the amount you adjust the brightness and sharpness depends on your unique lighting and placement situations.


  • In the system web interface, go to Audio/Video > Video Inputs.

  • From the list of inputs, adjust the cameras Brightness slider.

  • Increase brightness in low light environments and decrease brightness in environments with strong single sources of light.

Note: Increasing and decreasing brightness may cause you to lose fine detail in areas with excess lighting or shadows.

Adjust the Sharpness slider.

  • Increasing the sharpness provides more detail.

Adjust the Color Saturation slider.

  • Increasing color saturation can correct washed out colors in low light situations.

Select Save.

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