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1. ME vs ME Pro

What is the difference between the ME and ME Pro?

The ME Pro enhances the ME with DTEN Smart Connect which allows the user to use the ME Pro in Device Mode (a peripheral accessing all the in built ME functions) for any collaboration service. This requires USB and HDMI connection to the local computer.

2. Whats Included

What items are included with the DTEN ME?

The following items are included in the box:

  • 27” Zoom for Home - DTEN ME

  • Power cord

3. Factory Reset

How can I factory reset the DTEN ME from the device itself?

To factory reset the DTEN follow the below steps:

  • Swipe right or left on the touch screen with three fingers to access the Dashboard menu 

  • Press Factory Reset to begin the factory reset

  • To stop the factory reset, press the Cancel button 

4. Factory Reset - Orbit Portal

How can I factory reset the DTEN ME from the Orbit Portal?

To perform a factory reset on the DTEN device (DTEN ME, 55” ON) via the Orbit Portal you will need an Orbit Pro, Plus or Premium license. To factory reset the DTEN follow the below steps:

  • Go to Device Management → Manage Device

  • From the list of devices under management, select the device you want to reset 

  • Click the Settings tab 

  • Click Factory Reset

This will prompt a confirmation page, after you click “Yes”, the device will start the factory reset process.

Note: The device will not perform the Factory reset when the meeting is in progress. It will only reset when there is no meeting in progress. 

5. Audio AI Technology

What is DTEN ME audio AI technology?

The DTEN ME implements algorithm-based scene casting and audio processing that delivers a high quality user audio experience with noise suppression and echo cancellation.

The audio capabilities on the DTEN ME are optimized for personal and smaller workspaces.

6. Smart Camera

What is DTEN ME smart camera technology

The 3-camera array provides a combined, ultra-wide, 160 degree field-of-view, with up to 95% room coverage

Auto framing creates the optimal view of the room

7. Mic Range

What is the mic pick up range?

The DTEN ME is optimized for picking up voices up to 16 ft. making it ideal for home offices and smaller workspaces.


8. Ports

How many ports are in the Zoom for Home - DTEN ME?

The following ports are provided with the DTEN ME:

  • 1x Ethernet

  • 1 x HDMI In

9. Internet Connection

How does the DTEN ME connect to the Internet?

You can connect to the Internet using the device’s Wi-Fi antenna (802.11ac) or use Ethernet (RJ-45) for a more stable connection.

10. Universal Bluetooth

Does the Zoom for Home - DTEN ME have a universal Bluetooth?

Yes, the Zoom for Home - DTEN ME now offers universal Bluetooth connectivity with the release of version 1.6.1. You can now connect your Bluetooth headset or speaker to the DTEM ME. Connecting to a keyboard, mouse, or your mobile phone via Bluetooth is currently not supported.

11. Laptop Set up

How do I enable the monitor function and connect my laptop?

Use a standard HDMI cable to connect the DTEN ME to your laptop as a second monitor option.

12. Monitor - Zoom Room

Can I simply switch between Zoom Rooms and monitor on the DTEN ME?

Yes.  To switch between Zoom for Home - DTEN ME as a Zoom Rooms collaboration device and monitor mode, swipe horizontally across the touch screen by multi-touch (minimum of 3 fingers of your hand).  Repeat this swipe anytime to move between Zoom Rooms and monitor mode.

13. Screen Resolution

What is the screen resolution of the DTEN ME?

The DTEN supports 1920x1080p (Full HD) screen resolution.

14. Upgrades

Can I upgrade Zoom for Home - DTEN ME remotely?

Yes, Zoom for Home - DTEN ME can be fully managed through Zoom Portal.

15. Proximity Sharing

Does the Zoom for Home - DTEN ME support proximity sharing?

No. Zoom for Home - DTEN ME does not support proximity sharing as this time.   You can use the direct share from Zoom desktop client with a Zoom meeting on the Zoom for Home - DTEN ME by using the sharing key.

16. Operating System

What operating system powers the Zoom for Home - DTEN ME?

Zoom for Home - DTEN ME runs on DTEN OS and is configured to operate as a dedicated Zoom Rooms appliance only. It’s not an Android mobile consumer device, nor can it be reconfigured to run any other operating system.

17. Additional Applications

As an Android device can I load additional applications?  

No. The Zoom for Home - DTEN ME is customized DTEN OS Zoom Rooms Appliance ONLY. It is not an Android mobile consumer device.

18. Mounting

Can I mount Zoom for Home - DTEN ME on the wall if so what VESA mount do I need?

DTEN is compatible with standard VESA mounts in 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm. However, Zoom for Home - DTEN ME does not include a VESA mount adapter in the package.

19. Cooling Requirements

Are there any cooling requirements for the DTEN ME and DTEN ME Pro for wall mounting?   

The best practice is to provide a 2”- 4" of clearance all the way around the display bezel for wall mounting.

20. SSID

Does DTEN support Network SSID?   

Yes, within the settings menu, there is the ability to enter network name and password on the DTEN ME.

Y ou can also enter SSID WPA2-Enterprise authentication, please see below:

21. Cleaning

How can I clean the DTEN ME?

Screen cleaner wipes and lens cleaning wipes  are highly recommended for cleaning the DTEN ME panel. Additionally, a microfiber cloth will help to remove fingerprints and smudges on the glass. More details: HERE

DTEN discourages users from spraying any cleaning solutions directly onto the DTEN ME display glass. It is advised to spray cleaning solutions into a cloth/paper towel and then cleaning the glass.

Please avoid the use of alcohol- or vinegar-based cleaning agents with the Zoom for Home - DTEN ME.  More details:  HERE

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