Foundation IT

Future-proofing a dynamic business for long-term professional working.

" We were looking for a partner who could help us not just with technology but also provide our team with furniture and well-being support."

- Andrew Sellars, Managing Director Foundation IT

The Challenge


Like many others, the pandemic meant that Foundation IT’s team was required to move to home working. The short-term solution was to use assets from the office but as working life developed and a hybrid culture was adopted, it became apparent that long-term workspace solutions were required.

Wanting to provide their employees with future-proofed resources, Foundation IT chose to work with Podia to elevate performance, productivity, and well-being, and enhance overall business operations. 


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The Project

The Foundation IT team already had a mix of existing items at home. Some employees already had chairs or desks, others didn’t have anything for hybrid working. They, therefore, went for a bespoke solution where they chose a selection of individual products to suit each person's needs within their team. For a company that is technology-focused, the workspaces needed to not only be professional and comfortable but also suitable for seamless connectivity to the businesses employees and clients respectively.


To elevate communication, we provided foundation IT with Noise-Cancelling Headsets from Poly, Professional grade Webcams, and High Definition Monitors to make video calls more productive for Foundation IT’s workforce. We also provided Logitech Wireless Mouse and Keyboards which can be transported easily for hybrid working needs.


Wellbeing Platform

Foundation IT expressed an interest in supporting their staff with well-being content which our Rise by Podia platform allows them to achieve. Full of supportive advice and training materials to support personal development and wellbeing.


A mix of our Sit-Stand Desk, Desk Risers, Anti-Fatigue Mat, and Task Seats were selected for each of the Foundation IT employees due to their ergonomic and wellbeing enhancing benefits... Key for productivity.

The Podia Solution

                                                                                                                                              “We were looking for a partner who could help us not just with technology but also provide our team with furniture and well-being support. Having the ability to deliver professional workspaces-as-a service to our staff whilst managing payments monthly is an ideal way to deliver an environment as good as, or better, than the office”.

Andrew Sellers - Managing Director, Foundation IT 


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