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     HR Managers     

Say goodbye to the complexity of managing remote working teams with Podia solutions. 

For HR Managers, flexible working brings with it a whole wealth of additional challenges with maintaining employee wellbeing and company culture, delivering good onboarding experiences and attracting top talent, being just some of the priorities. 

Want to know how Podia solutions can benefit your role?

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1.  Company culture woven into operations

Bring your team closer together with our full range of workspace products, and high-value wellbeing content, so they can thrive in work and life. After all, happy employees are more likely to be committed, productive, and engaged brand advocates. 

Inclusive Home Workspaces

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Communication Encouraged

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Wellbeing Assured

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Elevated Office Spaces

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Zoom Connected Teams

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Premium Technology for All

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2. The tools you need to professionalise hybrid working

Whether you are supporting an existing team member or providing a hybrid workspace for a new recruit, we make it easy for you to strengthen your business -  in just a few clicks . Purchase 24/7 with our online store and manage centrally through our Elevate platform.

We also have a range of resources on our website to make buying even easier:

PodFinder Tool

Recommended by our team, PodFinder is a handy questionnaire-style tool that matches you with your ideal workspace based on your answers.

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Bespoke Projects

If you are not looking for a complete all-in-one bundle, our range of over 5,000+ individual products may be for you.

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Informative Blogs

As hybrid working experts ourselves, we write about lots of relevant topics that can help you best support your team.

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Categorised for your Ease

We've grouped our products by remote, office, and collaboration spaces with plenty of options in between to make browsing easy.

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3. Rise by Podia


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 We believe that every employee would benefit from having access to high-value wellbeing content which is we are offer a no-strings attached trial of our Rise platform.

Rise by Podia

With most Podia workspace purchases, you can gain access to our employee well-being content platform - supporting you to thrive in work and life through proactive advice and access to relevant content providers.

Our carefully selected content partners are experts in their fields and share the same goals for employee wellbeing, productivity, and development. By leveraging their knowledge and expertise and bringing it into a centralised platform, you can gain instant access to high-value content, across multiple areas, from leading providers.

Content includes:

  • Ergonomic working advice and tips

  • Regular mental and physical health bulletins

  • Bite-size learning and development

  • Tailored content for each member of your team 

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4. Remote shouldn't mean removed

Collaboration flows through every part of our proposition as we believe that team members should feel connected to their companies at all times. Remote working should never be an excuse for communication taking the back seat which is why every one of our workspaces has a premium technology setup for seamless interactions. 


AV Integrated Workspaces
Our home and office bundles allow uninterrupted and premium AV support with best-in-class technology that is simple to use. Giving your teams the tools that they need to connect allows them to feel together at all times. 

Supportive Meeting Spaces
Breakout sessions and chats with managers are important. Our collaborative spaces allow you to create reassuring areas out of otherwise unused space or to upgrade existing breakout locations that many teams rely on.
Zoom Platform Licenses
Deploy complete technology asset configurations with integrated software for elevated communication capability. Our  Zoom licenses are available for teams of any size and can be implemented across your business.
Remote Specific Content
Our Rise platform includes plenty of supportive advice that is targeted at hybrid workers. Allowing your teams to thrive whilst feeling supported is an important art to master in the flexible working world and one that we can help you with.

5. Improve your chance of securing top talent

With the great resignation causing havoc for many companies, ensuring that your future-proofed strategy runs through every aspect of operations will help you both retain existing employees and appeal to new hires. 

Read all about how offering premium assets can improve your chance of hiring top talent here.

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No pressure or commitment. Just valuable advice to help you define your hybrid working strategy and make a successful transition to a new way of working.

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