Business Workspaces Guide:

Business Owners

Now that hybrid and flexible working is the new normal, is your company future-proofed for the digital age that is upon us?
High-performance workspaces are not just an essential tool for getting the job done, they have the power to transform your entire business by increasing productivity and wellbeing of your employees.

Want to know how Podia solutions can benefit you?

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1. Professional hybrid working - guaranteed

By combining everything you need for hybrid working within a single supply channel, we have made it simple for you to incorporate professional excellence into your flexible teams.

To allow you to unleash the potential of your employees, as well as complete delivery and configuration support, our as-a-service offering includes:

Premium AV Technology

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Wellbeing Content

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Sleek Furniture

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Asset Management

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2. Benefits to your business

Our as-a-service offering allows you to invest in multiple business-enriching products for an affordable, streamlined cost. As well as financial and output ROI, our services demonstrate your duty of care to your employees. As ultimately, they are at the heart of operations and responsible for creating company culture.

In fact, a report by

Mckinsey & Company

found whilst 90% of organisations have decided on a hybrid working week, 68% are yet to communicate the plans to their teams which has resulted in ever-increasing workplace stress. We believe that the best way to unleash the potential of your teams whilst protecting your company is to invest in elevating workspaces. 

Additional benefits include:

Single Supplier Management

Eliminating the need to deal with multiple suppliers saves time for your teams and makes managing your workspaces easier. 

Elevated Performance

Working with comfortable furniture and the best technology allows your employees to feel inspired by their surroundings.

Improved Competitiveness

Seamless connectivity, empowered teams and powerful workspaces results in an enticing culture of determination. 

Best-in-class Made Possible

No matter the size of your company or available budgets, you can invest in various solutions that are truly transformative.

3. Workspaces, reimagined