Business Workspaces Guide:

IT Managers

Technology isn’t just helpful. It’s transformative. 

Providing your team with tools and devices that are simple and intuitive to use will ensure that flexible working routines run smoothly. Video-enabled meeting room solutions, superior workspaces and digital-management systems all allow you to deploy next level workspaces with ease. 

Our solutions elevate working life and, with your busy role as an IT leader, we can confidently provide you ways to professionalise hybrid working for your entire company.

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1. One supplier. Complete IT solutions

Sourcing technology no longer has to take up your time.

Whether you are obtaining assets for a new team member, raising the bar for your existing employees, or upgrading meeting spaces , we've created our online store to get everything you need for remote and hybrid working in one place. With over 5,000 products to choose from, you don't need to shop around.

This saves you time, money and allows you to create uniformity when providing your hybrid workforce with powerful solutions. 

Meeting Rooms

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Zoom Licenses

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AV solutions 

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2. Employee experience elevated

Podia  puts team experience at the centre of business operations.  

Technology has a big part to play in bringing your teams closer together so they can thrive in work and life.

Easy to use Technology

Eliminating daily stresses and interruptions to allow team productivity to increase across every department.

Communication Channels

When employees are split across various locations, ensuring they can stay in touch with colleagues is essential for wellbeing.

Valuable Meetings

Seamless connectivity means that every meeting or huddle breakout session can be successfully run and professionalised. 

Invested in, Happy Team

Providing your workforce with superior assets shows that company truly cares about their experiences.  

3. Future-Proofed Meetings

4. Audio-Video Excellance

The Podia selection of AV solutions for a business represents the complete areas of consideration that your company needs to align with when providing audio and visual solutions for the digital age. 
As well as technology bundles available for homemeeting and office workspaces, we also offer the following as part of our pay monthly finance agreements.


Video Bars for full HD capture

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Video Boards for Meetings

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Personal Video for Office & Home

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Headsets and Speakerphones

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Screens and Displays

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Frames, Stands and Mounts

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5. Best-in-class brands and products

are just some of the industry-approved brands that we choose to work with.
The due diligence that we apply to the process of selecting assets means that our own technology experts only select solutions that are suitable for the modern workforce. 
Covering a vast amount of product categories, we feel confident that you will find the perfect IT solution for your business needs and within budget.

6. Complete Deployment

Our complete deployment process allows you to have peace of mind that once you have chosen the right solutions for your teams that you don’t have to spend time planning the next stages. 

1. Choose your Products
2. Instant Finance Decision
3. Delivery to any location 
4. Installation by our team
5. Configured for user requirements

6. Ongoing product support

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