Why every business needs flexible working contingency plans for 2021 and beyond
September 27th, 2021

Prior to March 2020, the term flexible working within the UK was not one that was banded around very much and was one that usually came in a highly formal request form to be reviewed by the company. Some companies had hybrid working plans in place but for many, the traditional 9-5pm hours were very much the norm. 

Fast-forward to the autumn of 2021, and it is a very different story. 

Flexible working is the new normal, with almost 21 million employees¹ within the UK adopting this form of contract. Whether your business chooses to adopt flexi-time, hybrid working or both, the benefits are plentiful for both your teams and overall company performance. 

Beneficial to bottom lines

Setting your business up with a contingency plan for lost days due to Covid isolations or stress-induced issues can save you money in the long run. When staff cannot physically attend the office but can still work, it’s important that they are equipped to do so. For some companies, the introduction of flexible-working has also meant saving funds by downsizing or de-scaling office spaces. This means entire workforces, rich in intellectual property, can be maintained whilst implementing changes that protect the longevity of operations. 

Financial savings can also be experienced by your teams by as much as £500 per month². Not only will these lead to having a more positive company culture, it will also decrease the chance of employees looking for different jobs with higher salaries.

Burnout prevention is essential

Mental health absence days equate to 70 million work days per year, costing employers approximately $2.4 billion per year³. The ongoing pandemic and associated stresses means that people are under more pressure than ever. This combined with the need for companies to maintain strong performances means that teams are being put under more pressure. Flexible-working allows your teams to ditch the daily commute and get to work within their own homes a few times a week that have already been optimized for their happiness. 

With every workspace, we provide access to our Rise wellbeing program as we understand your team members need to be able to thrive within work and life. 

Careful management of this will save your company money in lost days and also improve the overall productivity of your teams, resulting in elevated outputs. 

Plan for the unplanned

Whether its delays in supply chains, last minute changes in teams structures or even back-up virtual meeting rooms for cancelled in person sessions, encompassing these possibilities is a must do. 

This is the same type of thinking that should be applied to your teams working schedule. Unexpected school closures, isolation periods and even petrol delivery issues are all very real issues we all have to contend with that do not have to mean problems for your business. 

At Podia, we make flexible working possible. Fully equipped workspaces that can be installed within home-workspaces are achievable for any organization thanks to our mix of price points and bundle options. The pandemic has taken enough away from our businesses, take control and improve your contingency plans to ensure you can keep working when others can’t.

                                                                       Welcome to next level workspaces. 




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