Tips For Relocating Office Space
December 2022

Relocating offices can be a very stressful time for any company. Once the stress of finding the correct office building is over, its then the challenge of equipping it with all the correct furniture and technology to meet your employee's needs and create a warm and productive working environment. 

When furnishing an office there are so many different things to think about that many office managers may be left feeling overwhelmed. When selecting furnishing you want to ensure you choose comfortable solutions that employees will love but which also encourage productivity and allow them to get the job done. There are many questions to ask yourself, what do my employees need? What would my employees want? How can I encourage employee collaboration? How much do I have to spend? All these questions can be quite mind-blowing at first, and that’s why at Podia our experts want to offer a helping hand. 

Firstly, the main areas that employees need within an office are an area to work independently and an area to work within their teams. With both these areas having totally different requirements, it can be difficult to plan how to integrate both into one office space. 

Huddle and breakout space

These spaces are designed to promote collaboration and give employees an area to work seamlessly as a team and feel connected. At Podia we believe employee alliance is the heart of any company. We have a huge range of stylish and ergonomic tables and chairs in which employees can work comfortably. Our range of meeting technology allows virtual team members to join in as if they were in the room. With top of the range video and audio solutions, no one will feel left out, and everyone will be seen and heard with no complications. 

Ergonomic solutions

With working from home becoming a norm for many office workers in recent years, many employees have noticed how comfortable and practical the home office can be. When traveling to the office over working from their own home, employees want the office furniture to be a pleasant and inviting environment. Furniture solutions must be ergonomic and encourage employees to want to travel into the office in the comfort of their own homes.

 Sit-Stand desks are a great example of this. Offering employees versatility in how they work and giving them an option other than sitting at a desk all day, this is not only great for their physical health but also adds excitement to the office space.

 Talk to your employees

It's simple really how to know if your office space meets your employee’s needs… ask them. Since covid, a huge range of studies has shown that employees desire a hybrid working world where they can split their time between home and the office. Consequently, it is essential you communicate with your employees and ensure they have everything they need in both environments. Do they have a home setup they can work productively from? Does the office space meet the comfortability that they find when working from home? 

Make your move known

Finally, make your move known. Through sending emails, newsletters, or using social media make sure you let customers and partners know that you’re relocating office spaces. 

We're on your team. Contact us for our help with your office renovations or moves.

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