The importance of Company Culture and 4 ways to improve yours.
November 2023

What is Company Culture?

Company culture basically summarises the way in which things are done within your workplace. It includes the systems, values and behaviours that all contribute to the experience of your employees. Company culture has a huge impact on employee engagement – so it's important to get it right. 

When hybrid working became the more predominant way of work within businesses, it became a challenge of how to maintain company culture and engagement while people worked from home. Disengaged employees can be left feeling unappreciated and unmotivated towards their work, we have some tips on how you can avoid this.

Here are 4 ways to ensure your employees are engaged:

      1.       Build strong employee relationships

Without strong employee relationships, a business will struggle to function. When employees become more deeply connected, they contribute massively to the success and culture of a workplace. Through strong relationships, employees can feel connected and communicate more successfully to get the job done. Furthermore, through building a strong relationship with leaders and employees, employees can feel more appreciated and supported and feel a sense of belonging to the organisation.

Building strong employee relationships is done by meeting with employees regularly, even if over a video call, to catch up and check progress. Team building exercises outside of work can also allow employees to connect on a more personal level which can result in them collaborating better in a working environment. 

     2.       Encourage collaboration

Employee collaboration is essential to any business. Employee collaboration spaces and frequent team meetings are vital to do this. By building office spaces that promote collaboration, you can ensure that employees have somewhere comfortable and effective to talk and catch up. By creating a space specifically made for this, with the correct technology, employees are able to meet up outside of their desk space and connect with people not only in the office but also ones working remotely.

Our huddle, meeting, and breakout spaces at Podia are all equipped with ergonomic furniture and connective technology that all promote positive collaboration. 

3. Ensure employees have the tools they need 

Equipping employees with everything they need allows them to get their job done effectively and productively. When hybrid working came about, many employees were left working from home with few tools. Office workers would find themselves working from the sofa or hunched over their laptop at the kitchen table, which is not encouraging to anyone. By ensuring employees have the assets they need to not only work effectively but also stay connected with others, you can ensure the job can be done from anywhere.

4. Invest in employees and their wellbeing 

Any employee is bound to work much better if they feel valued and cared for. Investing in your employee’s wellbeing is vital to ensure employees invest back into you. Whether it is in the form of wellbeing content, supplying ergonomic furniture, or simply giving your employees the time to be heard, taking care of employees is essential in any business. Our Rise platform is full of content your employees can thrive from. We also have a huge range of affordable ‘work from home’ bundles, which ensure your employees are equipped wherever they are working from.

Invest in your employees with Podia and improve your company culture.

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26th October 2022