The Great Resignation: How to Stop Staff Leaving in their Droves
29th November, 2021

Times have changed. Tables have turned. Nowadays, it’s not what an employee can do for their employer; it’s what an employer can offer their employee. Randstad UK¹ revealed in a survey of 6,000 workers that 69% expect to change their jobs in the next few months. 

Are you an employer? Are the alarm bells ringing? Because if you’re not paying attention to your employee’s needs, concerns, motivations, and ambitions, your best talent might just walk out the door and join a competitor.

If you want to keep your best staff, you must make changes to improve your employee wellbeing standards.  

Why are so many people quitting their jobs?

The pandemic provided a period of reflection for employees unhappy in their current roles. It caused people to look at their lives and forced them to make positive changes.

Covid burnout 

The coronavirus caused greater stress upon people who were already stressed when things were normal. This added stress on top of their lives was enough for them to stop and seek change. 

Higher pay – less stress 

Forbes² reports that 40% of jobs people who quit were in the hospitality, healthcare, warehouse, and manufacturing industries. The common denominator in all sectors is low pay and high stress. People have reassessed their work-life balance and are now seeing some jobs as not worthwhile. 

Employers don’t listen 

A recent report from Inc. shows that three words are summing up why employee dissatisfaction is at an all-time low – “Feedback goes unheard”. Not enough feedback or recognition is circulating inside working environments and employees are becoming tired, disheartened, and unhappy. 

Lack of career development 

According to Total Jobs³, 68% of employees changed roles because of a lack of learning and development. This number can be curbed by offering more training courses, responsibilities, and promotional opportunities in the company.

How do Podia's Solutions help?

Seeing the number of employees leaving jobs or willing to leave jobs, even without a new job lined up is scary if you’re an employer. 

The question is, how do you stop staff leaving in their droves? We believe the key is our ‘As-a-service’ solutions which provide resolutions to many issues that can be experienced. 

Create a feedback culture

To keep your staff happy, you need to listen to them and provide solutions to their concerns. This can be found through regular surveys and one-on-one meetings. You should that AV tools for all staff are a priority for your business along with deploying huddle spaces that provide a safe space for in-person discussions to take place.

Develop employees 

To keep your employees engaged and happy in their roles you must offer forms of progression. A lack of training, coaching, or promotional opportunities in a role is enough for employees to look elsewhere.

Our Rise platform provides not only wellbeing support but also workplace advice for all job functions. This allows your teams to feel invested in, HR departments to have some of the pressure lifted and, streamlines your processes into one digital platform.

Work-life balance 

Promoting work-life balance will boost morale, increase employee satisfaction levels, and improve retention rates. Our workspaces allow you as an employer, to improve work-life balance by: 

Offering flexible and remote working with no impact on outputs

Focusing on the productivity of work time, not specific time itself

Encouraging breaks and providing nice spaces to facilitate relaxation

Reviewing workloads and providing feedback 

Rewarding productivity 

Workspaces-as-a-service keeps employees happy and retention rates high.

Investing in an innovative workspace as a service (WaaS) will go a long way to stop employees from leaving in droves.


Because a good WaaS provider will supply your employees with specialised, specific, and top-of-the-range equipment for their home or office workspace environment. 

Naturally, WaaS offers work-life balance and flexible working benefits and helps create a culture of wellbeing and care for your employees. 

At Podia, we offer state-of-the-art WaaS options for personal or business workspace enhancements. Whether you’re managing a small workforce across the globe or upgrading the office, we have a full package of equipment, tech, and furniture all available to deliver, install, configure and support. 


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