Six reasons why workplace equipment can improve your chances of hiring top talent
August 3rd, 2021

With the dynamics of business operations drastically changing since 2019, office workplace solutions have become increasingly important in the race to hire talented professionals. 

The Great Resignation is a real threat, with top employees rethinking their priorities and quitting their jobs if their employer isn't meeting those demands. As a business, this shift places greater importance on employee retention and the hiring process.  

For younger, tech-savvy candidates, workplace design and optimised workplace equipment can seal the deal, helping your company to stand out from competitors. As the employment rate slowly repairs, it’s up to you to attract top talent and build your dream workforce. And with equipment that allows your employees to work in an efficient, ergonomic setting (whether they’re remote, in-office or hybrid workers), we think you can.

1. Quality equipment allows companies to make strong first impressions on candidates.

A lot of communication, especially during the recruitment process, takes place online. This factor was true pre-COVID and looks likely to be even more common post-COVID. In initial video interviews, several things are happening. It's not just about the potential new recruit making a good impression – the company needs to do the same.

If virtual communications go smoothly in the first video interview and the conversation is uninterrupted by tech issues, the candidate-employer relationship will get off to the best possible start.

The easiest way to ensure this happens is via quality AV equipment capable of delivering a strong video conferencing experience.

2. Optimised tech set-ups at work and home can allow interviews to happen at times most convenient to jobseekers.

Blended, hybrid work is becoming a common option for UK employees, and with fully optimised workplace design available at work and home, interviews can happen at any time. You won’t lose a strong applicant because they’re unable to make a certain interview date or time.

And you’ll set a precedent, early on, that your company is flexible, willing to listen to the needs of employees and willing to accommodate work-life balance. 

The importance of work-life balance is a growing global conversation in 2021, and to stand out as an employer, you’ll need to demonstrate your ability to accommodate.

3. You can photograph your quality workplace equipment and share images on social media to appeal to candidates as they do their research.

Beyond their obvious value in day-to-day life, you can utilise Podia’s workspace solutions for marketing purposes too. Photograph your high-quality workplace equipment and share professional, beautiful images to your social media channels.

That way, when candidates are doing their research pre-application, they’ll come across the incredible solutions on offer and get a strong insight into the comfortable and optimised working environment of your company. As a result, candidates will feel more inclined to apply. After all, who wants to work in an uninspiring workplace?

4. An investment in employee experience demonstrates your commitment to staff wellbeing.

Company values and company ethos play a massive role when it comes to attracted talented recruits.  When you invest in improving the employee experience via the implementation of ergonomic and high-tech office workplace solutions, you tell your employees that they matter to you. It’s an integral part of any strong employee wellbeing package. 

Candidates will research a company before accepting a role, from checking out employee reviews on Glassdoor to evaluating your social profiles and website pages. So, when they see a company with a supportive environment, they’re far more likely to want to become a part of the team.

5. Workplace design ergonomics and workplace equipment are particularly important to younger Millennial and Gen Z hires.

If you’re looking to attract younger, tech-savvy candidates, you’ll need to market your job openings and position your company accordingly. Modern, quality workplace design will help you attract a younger generation of talent, and as 75% of the UK workforce will consist of Millennials by 2025, investing now makes perfect sense. 

6. With simple, intuitive technology, onboarding and retention are a thousand times easier.

Recruitment can be costly and confusing on both ends. But with our next-level workspaces and business solutions on your side, everyone wins. Good workplace design and workplace equipment makes onboarding simple and improves talent retention rates. It also allows you to gather quality candidate recommendations from current employees down the line.

A shocking 87% of employees don’t feel engaged at work. However, a well-designed and highly functional office can turn this around, increasing productivity rates by up to 20%.

Transforming your workplace design/equipment doesn’t have to be a complex affair either. The changes can be as simple as:

implementing a comfortable layout

purchasing quality products (from monitors and AV equipment to ergonomic desks and chairs)

sprucing things up with colour/cleanliness/décor.

Put simply: Intelligent workplace design equals increased employee engagement.

We’re here to elevate your workplace equipment and help you attract ideal candidates

Whether at home or in the office, creating a productive and modern environment will increase the quality of your hires. At Podia, we’re here to support your hiring, onboarding and retention processes with smarter solutions. 

For more information about our wide range of fully supported workplace equipment, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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