Podia Recognised as a Flexible Employer by Hybrid Working Experts
21 October 2021

Flexible working is something that is embedded in the very core of our workspaces-as-a-service offerings. We are therefore ecstatic to announce that we have been officially announced as a ‘Flexified’ employer by experts, Flexa. In fact, our employee benchmarking score stands at an impressive 84% which reflects how happy our team members are.

As a fairly new concept for businesses to consider, adopting a flexible working week is sure to mean something different for each company. For us the approach is simple: We want people to share our vision for a future where workspaces are transformed improving productivity and wellbeing for everyone. This starts with our own Podia family.

Being able to work wherever you are based is something we are passionate about and the very reason that our portfolio includes all of the solutions needed for successful remote working, office-based operations, and for connecting wider teams via professional meeting rooms.

Company culture has a big role to play in this which is something that our founders, Steve Harris and Rob Smith have held in high importance since day one. We believe that employees should be supported to thrive within work and life as this is the best way to elevate operations. Every product that we have brought to market has been created by and with our team in mind. If it is good enough for them, we are confident it is an enhancing solution for any other business.

Our flexible working status is also further supported by our position as a Zoom reseller which aligns with the significance that we place on seamless video conferencing.

One of our main aims is to prove that workspaces-as-a-service encompass all of the vital aspects that employers need to consider when looking at business management. For us, the concept far exceeds just providing assets, it instead offers a complete, financially affordable way for companies of any size to invest in their teams.

If you would like to find out more about our Flexa accredited status, you can read more about it here.


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