It's time to set up your permanent home workspace
July 20th, 2021

 With many offices being remote during 2020, and 86%* of people working at home being told to do so as a result of the pandemic, the working at home tax relief** was introduced in April 2020. 

As of 2021, the scheme has helped over 800,000 UK employees. It also continues to do so as people return to offices via hybrid working schemes if you are required to work remotely for at least one day a week. Also available to backdate for any worked periods, the relief offers up to £124.80 per year.

For many of us, financially when we started working at home, we had to find ways of being more efficient. These adaptions to our ways of living, whether its saving money on electric or being strategic with grocery shopping, are long term habitual activities designed to stay. Therefore, with only the forward-thinking and proactive employers providing equipment to enable you to work efficiently from home, you may choose to invest the tax relief money into improving your own home workspace. Whether that be a simple desk and chair or the complete furniture and technology solution.

With trends indicating businesses will continue to operate with an in-office rotation for staff, it’s the ideal time to invest in longer term at home set-ups. Being remote does not have to mean removed. As such our home office bundles feature optimised technology and home workspace furniture to ensure you can recreate the same comfort and efficiency you receive in the office when working at home. 

 The cost of a home workspace is probably an investment that you haven’t had to budget for in the past, which is why we offer comprehensive packages starting at just £29.99 per month, so you can achieve a high-performance workspace for a minimal monthly cost. For example, when you select our £29.99 ‘Micro Express Bundle you will receive a workstation desk, task chair, Logitech webcam, wireless headset, and mouse. Additionally, this price also includes access to our Elevate management portal, a 36-month subscription to our wellbeing platform Rise as well as delivery, installation, a charitable donation to our chosen organisations and a welcome pack.

Want to find out more about our other bundles and benefits? Contact us today as we are ready to take your home workspace to the next level.

Alternatively, find out more about the working tax relief programme on the government website here:

*Office for National Statistics

**£24.99per month based on 36 month contract. Tax relief programme only currently confirmed for tax years 2020 / 2021.

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