Hybrid Professionalised: What we have learned about Flexible Working and what is to come in 2022

The Podia offering was created out of the recognition that businesses needed a way to bring their teams closer together to allow them to thrive in work and life.

Flexible working became the norm for many in 2020 with businesses scrambling to find out how they could maintain productivity when faced with remote working and new rules for office based teams. In 2021, we have seen companies start to take control of the new way of working, incorporating flexibility into their strategies and overall operations. We believe, despite these positive developments, that there are still many more steps to take in professionalising hybrid working. 

Connections are one thing. 

Relationships are everything. 

We asked Steve Harris, Podia Co-Founder and business leadership expert, what his thoughts were around what flexible working has looked like during 2021 and how it is likely to progress into the new year. 

“I think the underlying change in 2021 for Business Owners when thinking about flexible working was the increasing need to look at sustainable and longer-term solutions. 

2020 was dominated by doing whatever was possible which involved both trying to operate as a business and to survive the negative impacts of lockdown. Most businesses that have managed to consider their longer-term options will see 2022 as the year that these can be put into practice when hopefully a clearer view of a post-pandemic working world will emerge. 

Business owners will also have seen how their teams have coped in several different working environments throughout the various stages of the pandemic. These insights into employee experience can now be used to implement and invest in formal policies and workspaces that will elevate performance within the modern working world.

In an increasingly competitive market for talent, these procedures and improved working environments will be needed to not just ensure productivity can be increased but to attract and retain staff”.

Our high performance workspace solutions combined with our management platform, take your work to another level - whether you’re overseeing a flexible workforce, enhancing an office space, video enabling a meeting room or upgrading an employee’s home office.

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