How workspaces-as-a-service can help small teams make a big impact
8th November, 2021


Innovative workspaces are a by-product of technology advancements, modernity, and our ceaseless drive to progression. People are realising a traditional office environment is becoming outdated and even unsustainable.

Remote working or mobile working certainly presents the future. Reports from Strategy Analyst predict in 2022, remote work will account for 42.5% of the global workforce. This new demand on society requires a contemporary style of working that accommodates flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Cue the rise of the workspace as a service.

What is a Workspace-as-a-Service?

Workspace as a service (WaaS) supplies a hybrid workforce with everything they need to work flexibly, effectively, and efficiently from any location. Whether your employees work from home or in an office, WaaS provides the systems, technology, equipment, and furniture to make it all happen.

Workspace-as-a-Service is the complete, modern workspace solution.  


What are the Benefits?

Value for money

With WaaS, no expenditure is necessary for software or hardware, purchasing or upgrading. The service provider pays for everything. There is also a pay-as-you-go policy, meaning you can utilise WaaS where and when you see fit.

Investing in Digital Audio-Visual solutions, such as video conferencing and collaborative devices, even cuts down internal operational costs.  

As your company grows, there will be no overhead costs in IT, equipment, and technology. These implementations through a WaaS system will save money and boost business growth. Different costs tailor different requirements for various businesses. The good thing about WaaS is there are no fixed terms. Just like the service, the financial side is designed to be flexible.  


Working remotely is proving to be a productive solution. Employees can stay connected with colleagues rather than be distracted by them. By being able to access data at any time from anywhere, employees can fulfil tasks without the need of working together. 

Time is lost on bad tech and IT malfunctions in the office or at home. Seeing as good WaaS providers create workspaces on a multi-redundant infrastructure, there is little to no chance of an IT malfunction to cause any delays. This aspect of redundancy runs throughout the servers, technology, equipment, and even data centre. 


Many companies are susceptible to cyber-attacks and security breaches. A top-quality workspace as a solution will wipe away this issue with a secure, fool-proof system. Software on cloud services comes with multi-factor authentication and single sign-on features. This makes it easier to track and relegate any unusual activity. 

Various types of automation keep your service secure from an online attack. Any intrusion will be quickly identified and eliminated. 

A disaster recovery plan is put in place to backup all important data while multiple servers can give you constant access in the case that one happens to fail. Finally, role-based access is implemented to remove anyone trying to access data off-limits. 


The old-school nine-to-five work routine is being questioned, if not replaced by the overwhelming new wave plea for flexible working. Work-life balance is on the agenda and WaaS accommodates this fresh working perspective. In fact, people are 12% more likely to report being happy with their job when they have freedom and autonomy in their work environment.

Along with work-life balance, flexibility runs through the essence of workspace as a service, both structurally and functionally. Like any new innovative automated technology, WaaS is agile, quick, and adaptable. Digital AV creates greater flexibility through its unified communications features. This allows someone to work from anywhere at any time. A flexible work environment will also boost productivity.  

Small Business 

A good WaaS provider can really elevate a small to medium-sized business. The home-office WaaS is just as effective and efficient as an office but much cheaper. 

Businesses can focus on doing what they do best without having to worry about being held back by complicated issues outside of their understanding, such as unseen technological factors or health issues caused by using unsupportive furniture. 

When you invest wisely in the best digital AV solutions and ergonomic furniture, you can make the company more cost-effective, flexible, and productive. WaaS offers an all-in-one solution to help your business grow. When you have a trusted partner offering workspaces as a service, things are made simpler to ensure the day-to-day office routine runs smoothly with all areas covered. 

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