How to Onboard Hybrid Teams, Successfully
18th May, 2022

With as many as 84%¹ of UK companies deciding to stick with a hybrid working schedule for the foreseeable, employee onboarding has become more complex than ever before. The reality of providing an excellent experience whilst operating in line with budgets is made even more important with Glassdoor reporting that a seamless introduction can improve retention but 82%².

We think that a smooth hybrid onboarding experience has the power to improve every aspect of operations including, perhaps most importantly, that of company culture. 

So how can you ensure new starters are equipped and included no matter where they are based? The Podia advice is to follow these important points. 

The onboarding experience is influenced by the way a business works before the new vacancy has even been published. 

In a hybrid working world, technology is essential for facilitating daily tasks. When professional solutions are deployed and made the norm within an organisation, there is an undeniable sense of familiarity that ensues. This type of organic culture building cannot be mimicked so an established hybrid community built on technology is important. 

Equipment such as professional HD webcams, noise-cancelling headsets, and frame-optimised meeting spaces are also needed to make the best impression within virtual interviews. The type of technology used during the recruitment process also says a lot about a business in terms of their willingness to invest, attitude towards modern needs, and of course, how they stand to operate within a digital market.

Once you have hired an employee, don’t delay deploying their workspace

Whether your new starter will be working from home, office-based, or a mixture of the two, their workspace is the hub of all activity. 

As soon as your new hire is confirmed any workspace solutions should be ordered to ensure it is provided in advance of the start date. Not only does this provide a brilliant impression of how efficient the business is, but it also means the new member of the team will feel included and be productive from the get-go. 

Take the below bundle for example. In just a few clicks you can deploy furniture, technology, and a DSE assessment straight to the location for just £19.87 per month.

Onboarding isn’t just about the physical resources

Bringing somebody into a team is even more complex when everyone is based in different locations. That is why we recommend onboarding to feature a balance of hybrid meetings and ensure the right cloud technology is in place, such as Zoom licences, to facilitate a positive induction schedule. Also providing well-being support from the outset highlights that employee experience is important to the business and in turn, will make the new starter feel respected and connected to their new role.

DSE Assessments are a legal requirements

Deploying workspaces is not complete without ensuring that DSE requirements have been met. This is a vital part of the hybrid onboarding process as the impact that faulty display screen equipment can cause is detrimental to workplace productivity and commitment. Providing a DSE assessment remotely from a qualified expert means that you can both fulfill your legal duty and represent the business as one that cares. 

The Podia DSE assessment is available with some complete bundles or as a standalone service. 

Give your teams the time they deserve to focus on the task at hand with Podia

We believe that HR should be able to focus on the development of teams, IT on the digital infrastructure of a business, and facilities managers on the sustainability of their organistion. 

The reality is when a new person joins, each of these departments are impacted by tasks that relate to the onboarding process. If the deployment of workspaces, wellbeing solutions, and team-connecting cloud software are handled by one simple process, this allows every function to flourish and offers the best chance of employee retention. 

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