How Podia Benefit your HR, Facilities, IT, EA and Management Functions
7th December, 2021

The proportion of those working from home more than doubled in 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic ripped through workplaces across the country. 

Meanwhile, according to polling organisation YouGov*, 70% of 1,684 people asked believed employees would ‘never return to offices’ at pre-pandemic levels. Equally, the Government also plans to give employees the right to request flexible working, including the option to be home-based, from day one in a new job. 

So WFH is very much here to stay, even if mainly in hybrid form, with multiple surveys confirming that staff wants to divide their time between home and office in the future.

That means large numbers of employers will continue needing to ensure their staff are set up to work comfortably and safely remotely. Clearly, that means considering how employees will communicate with each other and you, and having all the right technology in place – along with formalised standards and policies for remote working. But it also means having the right chairs, desks and the like for your teams, so that everyone has an adequate and appropriate workspace. That’s certainly an investment which will pay off in terms of sustained productivity, and allows you to rest assured your workers have the right set-up at home. Additionally, happier employees are, of course, far likelier to stay with you for longer. 

Leasing office furniture has a number of benefits, including staff not having buy their own furniture for home working. It also means a smaller initial outlay, spreading the cost of items and being able to invest in better-quality products. Leasing is also a highly flexible arrangement, and there are no unexpected charges 

Why we’re not your average office furniture rental firm 

At Podia, we want people to thrive, when they’re working and when they’re not, so we aim to help create workspaces which boost everyone’s productivity and wellbeing. Our holistic approach, with a focus on wellbeing and productivity is what sets us apart from the competition. 

We combine premium technology with stylish, ergonomic office furniture in a way no one else does, offering different bundles as a service on a fixed-term lease, both for office settings and remote (i.e. home-based) team members. We’re all about high-performing workspaces which address the challenges your staff face when working remotely, while increasing staff retention and satisfaction. 

At the same time, we offer a full installation and deployment service, alongside complete warranty support and comprehensive training in getting the most from our products. What’s more, we have stacks of online content on our intuitive platforms Elevate and Rise. These aim to help you thrive, in work and outside it, as you share global best practice. 

Offering tailored furniture rental solutions, we work with businesses of all sizes – and with individual customers. 

Our home and office bundle solutions include ergonomic chairs and desks (such as sit-stand models), posture mats, plus all the audio-visual equipment needed for collaborative work from home. We also supply similar high-quality office equipment, like huddle and meeting-room furniture with all the AV kit you need.  

Contact one of our advisers today to discuss a proposal tailored to your specific office furniture rental needs. 


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