Have you got the best audio-visual set-up for your meeting room?
18th January 2022

With numbers of those working from home showing no signs of slowing down, conference rooms are only set to grow in importance in 2022. So yours needs to be properly stocked and reliable, particularly for hybrid teams. Even seemingly trivial irritations such as fiddling with wires and cables or poor audio quality or even temporarily unreliable connectivity can have a huge impact on productivity. Indeed, one figure has it that more than half of video-conferencing users waste almost 10 minutes at each meeting just on getting set up. Over time, that can obviously make a huge difference. 

Here’s our guide to setting up your meeting room furniture and video conferencing solutions so everything goes as smoothly as possible, every time. 

How can you best layout your conferencing room?

The first step is to understand what sort of meeting room setup you will need based on its requirements. Does it need to be quickly adapted from ‘overspill’ office space? Are you using the area more for presentations, lectures, or product demos? Will it be a Zoom meeting room, or perhaps it needs to be all of the above.

You may also want to decide between a traditional or U-shaped layout for attendees. 

What display aspects do you need to consider?

Here are some of the other things to consider: 

Is the lighting in the room conducive to video-conferencing

Are there enough points for people to charge devices if they are using them to take notes? 

Where will you place speakers, mics, and cameras? Bigger meeting spaces need more mics and speakers, while cameras ideally go above your video display

Whether you’re talking to clients via video call or trying to share a screen, the right video display is clearly critical. Think about the type and size of the display, and mounting height. 

What meeting room technology does a hybrid business need?

There is a range of options, with solutions incorporating video, messaging, and content sharing all available. Choices include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Google Hangouts, all of which can be used in a conference room. 

It also goes without saying that you’ll need a reliable internet connection that can cater to however many delegates you have, without any downtime or freezing. 

You may also want a control panel or tablet, or to use conference room scheduling software. 

What we offer at Podia 

Take a closer look at our Neat and Poly meeting room frames and their various features:

Poly Studio x30 is an all-in-one Zoom and Microsoft Teams certified video bar. Offering powerful audio with a Beamforming Microphone Array which provides crisp, clear voice pick-up. The smart camera is a production-quality camera with framing and tracking for accurate visual focus. Noise blocking means that there are no distracting noises or outside disruptions. Plus the in-built cloud video software means no PCs or Macs are needed.

Poly Studio x50 is an all-in-one video bar for mid-sized rooms with high-performance stereo speakers and with acoustic chamber delivering rich, room-filling audio. A smart camera provides production-quality camera framing and tracking for accurate visual focus. Noise blocking prevents distracting noises. The dual display support hooks up two monitors and with in-built cloud video software, no PCs or Macs are needed. 

Neat Bar is an easy to set up compact meeting room device, which can easily be attached to smaller screens or monitors. With superior audio quality and a wide-angle camera, this makes it ideal for huddle or focus rooms for up to ten people. 

Neat board is the complete meeting room package with a multiple touch screen plus a wide-angle camera. It has a simple setup with optimal clear audio. The Neat Board also comes with Neat Markers. 

Urben frame offers user-friendly video-conferencing and is ideal for transforming legacy workspaces as it is freestanding. This powerful video bar comes with a camera and speakers for larger meeting rooms. 

We’re here to help your teams enjoy productive meetings, with equipment that works powerfully yet smoothly, so that the whole thing feels completely effortless. Talk to us today about our superior-quality solutions, and ask us any questions you may have about the meeting-room layout. 

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