Giving your Staff the Perfect Audio-Visual Setup for Hybrid Working
15th December, 2021

Despite the government’s best efforts, the end of the summer break did not herald a wholesale return to pre-pandemic office life across the land. 

Figures from one HR website XpertHR claim that virtually all (97% of) organisations are implementing or planning to implement hybrid working in some form, as concerns over public transport safety, Covid-19 rates, and colleague vaccination levels linger. And with one large recruiter indicating that nearly a quarter of British workers plan to switch jobs in the coming months due to burn-out, staff wellbeing remains high on the agenda. 

This means that, for many businesses, extensive investment is needed to make both the home and office environments attractive to workers. Office space, for example, is being rethought, with potentially fewer workstations as organisations cut square feet, plus an increasing focus on collaborative spaces. 

In terms of equipment, Computer Weekly reported recently that over a third (35%) of workers experienced difficulties while making the switch from work to home to hybrid because of technological problem, especially (but not limited to) connectivity issues. 

Technology must be able to meet employees’ needs in a rapidly changing working environment, yet many businesses don’t have the right solutions in place for their teams, and could be losing invaluable work hours and, ultimately, revenue and staff as a result. 

Don’t forget AV kit 

One thing that is often overlooked is audio-visual equipment for seamless video conferencing and the like, whether your staff member is at their office desk or WFH.

Temporary solutions adopted (of necessity) in a hurry as the UK went into lockdown at short notice may well no longer be fit for purpose for long-term remote working so that your workers are at their most productive at all times, wherever they are. 

So it’s not really enough to give people the bare minimum of a laptop plus integrated webcam and mic, powered from a home web connection. Top-notch video and audio are increasingly important as people become weary of the comparatively low-quality internal cameras and speakers of the average laptop. 

Audio and video meetings need a high level of voice delivery and user comfort and experience. Home set-ups therefore require professional-grade headsets and HD video conferencing cameras with high-end audio and a noise-cancelling feature. Ideally, headsets would transition seamlessly from home to office. 

What we offer

At Podia, we want to ensure your teams remain professional and perform at their best at all times, wherever they are. Our suite of no-nonsense audio-visual products is designed to be simple and, crucially, portable to suit both home and office settings. 

When it comes to headsets, for example, ours are user-friendly and comfortable enough (and with a long enough battery life) to be worn all day, and they offer professional-level audio quality. They’re wireless and work with a Bluetooth adapter. Finally, the addition of a noise-cancelling acoustic fencing feature allows for continued, undisturbed work in a busy office or household. 

Meanwhile, our cameras incorporate exceptional optics, with an audio microphone, high image resolution, a privacy shutter and a high-performance image sensor. 

Wherever your team are, elevate every meeting and all daily tasks with powerful, premium technology.

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7th December, 2021