Effectively manage a hybrid workforce with these communication tips
August 11th, 2021

The pandemic created huge changes in the working world, and it’s looking like some of those changes are here to stay. Why? Because these changes are the majority preference of today’s workforce. According to an Accenture survey conducted in May 2021, 83% of people believe that a hybrid model of working is optimal

Yet, while hybrid working comes with its benefits, it isn’t always easy to bridge workplace divides when some employees are in the office and others work from home.

In this blog, we share some expert tips to help you master hybrid communication and create the right environment for the new normal.

What is hybrid communication?

The term ‘hybrid communication’ refers to communication that happens in a hybrid workplace. With some people out of the office and others just a few metres away, adapting communication methods to suit this way of working is essential.

There are many elements to consider when managing on-site and remote employees, from body language to video conferencing technology. The key is to recognise what’s important and always be open to investing in new tech and best practices, starting with the following six points.

How to make the hybrid workforce model actually work for you:

Treat all employees the same, wherever they are

Though it might be tempting to pay more attention to the employees that you see in person or to lend more weight to their opinions, your remote employees matter too. Therefore, you should be working to bring them into the conversation at every possible level.

Rise to the occasion with Podia and give voice to your remote workers. Create a thriving hybrid workforce that communicates efficiently and effectively.

Make video conferencing the norm

The field of video conferencing has come on leaps and bounds in the past 12 months. Even when COVID is a distant memory, improved video conferencing technology will continue to serve us well, connecting the hybrid workplace and bringing everyone together on the same level.

The key to workplace productivity and effective communication in digital spaces is all in the word ‘video’. For innovative hybrid employers in 2021, audio conference calls are out. Video calls are 50% more productive! With a strong conferencing software package, clear video and crisp audio, employees can make themselves heard just as well in a digital setting as they could in the office.

Maintain a knowledge transfer culture

There are many employee benefits to working from home. In fact, 77% of remote workers reported higher productivity levels and found themselves 52% less likely to take time off with this type of flexibility. That said, there are certain things that employers must work hard to maintain in a hybrid workplace.

A workplace in which employees feel included, listened to and respected is a workplace that finds itself able to thrive and grow. Keep building the confidence of everyone by taking advice and collaboratively problem-solving across the digital distance. Remember, employees have a voice and they much prefer it if you’re open and honest with them.

Invest in a fit-for-purpose meeting room setup

A strong meeting room setup can hugely increase levels of productivity and communication in your hybrid workplace. Invest in a meeting room that allows multiple people to dial in and be present, with tools like Huddle screens, speakers and cameras. 

Also, carefully consider the layout and seating in the room to ensure everyone is comfortable and can be seen and heard clearly. Considering aspects such as on brand décor, room acoustics, ergonomic furniture and employee experience extras such as coffee machines will further elevate the usability of your rooms.

Choose your software correctly for each purpose

A great deal of different communication software is out there and available to you. However, to maintain high professional standards, you’ll need to determine which software is right for which situation.

You don’t, for example, want to send important professional communications to team group chats where the conversation moves quickly and instantly. It’s in times like this when single messages are easily missed. And by the same token, you probably don’t want your employees having to email about every little thing

Find your balance and give your workforce lots of room to communicate with group video calls, phone calls, group chats and project management software.

Next-level workspaces, next-level hybrid communication

Podia’s workspace solutions are designed to elevate the AV experience for users and receivers, making hybrid communication smooth and simple across any distance. Protect employee mental health and make everyone in your company feel valued in their own right with our innovative range of ergonomic, high-tech options. 

So, why not prepare for that future today and visit out online store now.

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