An Office Guide for Start-up & Small Companies
26th October 2022

Being a start-up / small company in the last few years hasn’t been easy. When working from home became the new norm for many employees, the concept of creating an exciting and appealing office space for them to return to became a real challenge. The requirements of office spaces have changed immensely and whereas once they could simply consist of desks, chairs and a simple meeting room, they now require a lot more. 

With hybrid working being the approach for most businesses in this working age, this means many employees split their week between working from home and the office. With the luxuries that many workers have experienced from working out of their own house, it is essential the office is a positive and inviting place to go. 

Meeting spaces must now be equipped with the technology and furniture that allows employees to collaborate with colleagues not only in the office but working from anywhere in the world. Breakout spaces where employees can escape and interact are becoming even more popular and equipping employees with audio-visual products such as noise cancelling headsets and webcams helps meetings with remote colleagues limit disruption in the office and the background noise of the office disturbing the call. 

We understand the impact that Covid has had on small and start-up businesses over the last couple of years and we know that projects such as updating the office or meeting room are being put on hold. We also know how important it is to create the right environment that encourages employees back to the office. At Podia, our working experts have produced a catalogue which has everything your office needs all from one supplier. Here’s some of our favourite picks: 

Meeting Room Solutions from £250 per month

Sit-Stand Workstations from £26 per month
Webcams from £1 per month

Noise Cancelling Headsets from £1.15 per month

Explore monitors, acoustics, seating, video displays and loads more in our catalogue

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