Sit-Stand Desks - Why your Business Needs Them
12th October, 2021

Tired of sitting down at work? Whether you’re working remotely or in an office, Sit-Stand desks are offering a unique alternative to everyday work environments. 

And it’s hardly surprising. According to one report, 81% of the UK office workforce spend between four to nine hours sitting behind a desk on a single workday. To put this into context, this figure means many of us spend around 67 days a year sitting on our backsides! Not good. 

The question is, what is this doing for your physical and mental wellbeing? 

In this blog, we assess this in greater detail and explore the possibilities of Sit-Stand desks as a viable option in the modern-day workplace.

But before we do, let’s give you a quick definition of a Sit-Stand desk.

What is a Sit-Stand Desk?

A Sit-Stand desk is an adjustable workstation, allowing you to sit or stand when working. Simple. Sit-Stand desks take on different titles. You might have heard of them referred to as adjustable desks, standing desks, desk converters or stand-up desks. 

You can adjust these innovative items of workplace furniture to suit your perfect position and posture. You can apply a Sit-Stand desk to non-work activities too. For example, it can transform into an adjustable display station for dynamic meetings. 

The benefits of a sit-stand desk

There are many benefits to working from a Sit-Stand desk in offices and when working from home.

           1.       Health 

Choosing Sit-Stand desks over sitting down all day can have several positive effects on your health. For example:

Ultimately, having a Sit-Stand desk arrangement appears to be a much healthier alternative to just being sat behind a desk all day. If you have no choice but to sit, then take opportunities to stand every hour or so, have a stretch and get the blood flowing around your legs. 

  2. Comfort

The ability and flexibility to adjust your Sit-Stand desk help you find the perfect position to suit your posture. Not being limited to only sitting or standing throughout the day means you can stay more comfortable. This adaptability will reduce any back and neck pain caused by being stationary for too long at one time. 

Although slouching in a chair behind a desk may not cause immediate discomfort, over time, it will cause strain on important muscles and soft tissue. 

Getting into a good habit with the correct posture will go a long way to improve your long-term comfort. A Sit-Stand desk accommodates someone with good posture or someone who is trying to improve it.     

  3. Concentration and productivity 

Sit-Stand desks are not just a modern concept for work. Some of the greatest minds preferred working standing up. The stand-up desk alternative dates back centuries, with Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens, and Ernest Hemingway choosing this option. It turns out these incredible thinkers found it more beneficial in standing up and would require Sit-Stand style desks to be specially made. 

Some research even highlights the positive impact it can have on your mood and overall productivity too. The comfort in the flexibility of a sit-stand desk means you can focus on your work without any aches or pains distracting you. 

  4. Business benefits

As a business, Sit-Stand desks can be useful for collaboration and building a stellar brand reputation. Collectively, a Sit-Stand desk environment in an office will not only enhance productivity between team members but cater to everyone's desk needs. A Sit-Stand desk business solution adds value to the business and helps represent the brand as an innovative, modern, and hybrid workforce. 

  5. Multiple usages 

The main benefit of Sit-Stand desks is their adjustable and flexible functionality. As well as adjusting the desk to personal preference, office spaces can become multiple purpose rooms. For example, the Sit-Stand desk can help transform a workspace, turning the office layout into a meeting room. 

They are also quick and easy to take down and stow away. This point alone makes a Sit-Stand desk ideal for WFH workers who want to restore their home into a comfortable living space after a long day at work.  

Is a standing desk better than a sitting one? 

Standing reduces the chances of obesity, diabetes, chronic back pain, and not to mention terminal illnesses. But that doesn’t necessarily mean someone has to stand and not sit at a desk at all. 

Far from it. Having a choice between the two is what counts. Being more comfortable sat with good posture before taking breaks to stand up helps produce blood flow in the legs and movement through your joints. 

There should be no pressure to stand up all day. You will get tired, and your work will suffer. Remember, we need to be comfortable and productive to get our best work done. 

Final thoughts – Are Sit-Stand desks worth it?  

As this blog highlights, there are lots of reasons to invest in Sit-Stand desks

However, you won’t fully benefit from these state-of-the-art pieces of furniture unless you have a working environment to match. 

A Sit-Stand desk provides the next level of comfort, flexibility, and health benefits in the workplace, but productivity and job satisfaction depend on other elements too. 

Sadly, a Sit-Stand desk can’t cure outdated technology, bad office chairs and painfully slow software. 

Luckily, Podia is here to help. Our high-performance workspaces can take your work to another level. From ergonomic furniture to leading technology for video conferencing, we offer affordable, practical and innovative bundles for Individuals and Businesses. 

To find out more, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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